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Jesse Foppert Report

Posted by JasonAChurchill on March 4, 2006

Reports out of spring training on Foppert’s outing today weren’t bad, considering he ended last season with mediocre, Ryan Franklin-like velocity.

The 6-foot-6 right-hander touched 92 on the gun a few times today against the Padres, and sat 90+ in his two innings. Normally this wouldn’t anything to be happy about, but it’s March 4, he didn’t have bad command and it was Foppert’s first live action of the spring.

His first live action a year ago resulted in two walks, a wild pitch and two hits allowed in his first inning – not to mention he didn’t touch 88 on the gun.

The radar gun is often an overrated tool when evaluating pitchers, but in this case it’s very necessary. Tommy John patients usually regain most or all of their velocity and when it begins showing up, that’s about the time they start looking like the pitcher they were prior to surgery.

It was common for Foppert to use his fastball in the 93-96 range pre-surgery and if he can get back near that range, and still be capable of throwing his sharp slider and splitter, he’s the favorite to supplant Meche in the rotation at some point in the year.

Even ahead of Nageotte.

Foppert threw a decent splitter today but threw very few pitches other than his fastball.


Word is that Jose Lopez is playing like a madman. More hustle in workouts and a more focused. That came from a fellow player.


3 Responses to “Jesse Foppert Report”

  1. Jerry said

    I am hoping that we don’t see Foppert or Nageotte before July.

    I that happens, it will likley mean that the other starters are healthy, and that the team was able to trade one or more of them. Meche is the most likely to go, since Pineiro still has one more year before free agency. But I could see the M’s moving both of them.

    Ideally, at least one of them will pitch well enough to have decent trade value, and the M’s can get a legit prospect or two.

  2. marinerswinws said

    Looks like Meche got himself hurt.

  3. He’s fine.

    Probably won’t throw for 4-6 days, and won’t pitch for 10.

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