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The World Baseball Cup

Posted by JasonAChurchill on March 3, 2006

I have little interest. I really do have marginal interest. But my excitement level would be heightened if three things changed.

1. The BEST players from each country participated

2. They played the games in July, rather than March, which would certainly increase the chances of No. 1 becoming true

3. It was ran by someone other than MLB – they always botch this sorta thing.

But I will tune in to see the following.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, the best pitcher in Japan. He projects as a No. 2 pitcher in America, with top stuff, two out pitches, but two question marks. His durability and his command.

But he’d be the second best pitcher on a lot of clubs and the best starter on many others. Watch him, he’s a lot of fun to see. He can be dominant, and even when he’s not he’s still fun to watch. The gyroball, being one reason, his delivery another.

Matsuzaka is one to watch.

If Travis Blackley gets to pitch, I’ll scamper to watch any of the Aussie games. But that remains to be seen and I seriously doubt he pitches early in the tourney.

Catching a glimpse of the three best teams in the cup will be something i try to do. The US, Dominican and Venezuelan teams are loaded.

I predict Venezuela wins it, beating the U.S. for the title.

This will be the only time I bring up the WBC, mostly because it’s lame due to the timing of the entire tournament.

Bring on REAL baseball. Ya know, the kind that Felix Hernandez and Yuniesky Betancourt play?


3 Responses to “The World Baseball Cup”

  1. Jerry said

    Nice site,

    I like your comments. I guess that I am looking forward to the WBC more than you are. I think that this could be the beginning of something big. If the tourney goes well, a lot of the issues that you mention (scheduling, player participation) will be more easily remedied after the WBC gains some momentum.

    Here are some other things that I think warrant attention:

    1. Obscure M’s prospects. It will be interesting to see how a lot of the international players do in the tourney. The M’s are well represented.

    2. Cuban defectors. The Cubans seem to have kept some of the more likely candidates to defect off the roster. But there are some top players on the Cuban team. I am hoping that Yuliesky Gourriel would look pretty good on the M’s top-10 prospects list….

    3. Upsets and increased competition. I am hoping that Cuba takes down some good teams, that there is a bench-clearing brawl or two, and that the US gets knocked out early. The worst thing that could happen in this thing would be for the top few teams to dominate.

  2. I’d agree but there aren’t enough of the M’s prospects that will play enough to peak my attention.

    Yung-Chi Chen isn’t a regular for Chinese Taipei, for example.

    Don’t expect Gourriel to be coming to the US anytime soon – if ever. He’s one of a few that are being watched.

  3. Jim said

    Good stuff, Jason.

    Matsuzaka has had a bit of a slow and rough warm-up this spring. Hitting just 141kmp on the gun of late.

    But we’re looking forward to tonight’s game all the same.


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